May 102016

IMG_0713 Actor Warwick Davis (Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) has added the finishing touches to the feature film From Leicester To Hollywood, a mocumentary produced in Leicester.
From Leicester to Hollywood follows the trials of a film director attempting to shoot an epic romantic on a record-breaking low budget of £43. The story of an everyman character in Leicester trying to achieve the impossible dream and break onto an international stage using less money than his competitors may sound familiar. The movie’s theme curiously mirrors Leicester City’s recent 5000 to 1 fairytale. It also mirrors the real story of how the film was made.

Indie director Rhys Davies teamed up with crime novelist Rod Duncan with the goal of producing a feature film set in their own unfashionable city. With a modest budget, they turned to crowd-funding, inviting people to donate £43 each – the total budget of the fictional film maker in their story.

Warwick said: “I do like to support indie projects. It is a unique world. And one that I’m familiar with, having grown up making films myself. There are always challenges you don’t expect – finding locations, finding actors…Plus Leicester’s been mentioned quite a lot recently in the news so I’m excited to be here!”

Olwen Corn FieldThe fictional film director in From Leicester to Hollywood tries to use the epic backdrops chance and nature provide. With their own tight budget, Rhys and Rod did the same thing. Rod Duncan added: “We had to improvise as opportunities came along. When we woke up one day and it had snowed in the night, we phoned round, gathered the cast and a small crew and headed out to make the most of it. In the end it got so cold the camera stopped working. But we’d got the shot we needed. And it looked spectacular.”

With art mirroring life and life mirroring art, the process of making the film took several years. The final task was to record the documentary style narration.

Rhys Davis said: “We struck gold with Warwick. He’s highly intelligent and immediately understood what we were doing. His voice carries authority. He’s at home with serious drama as well as comedy – which made him perfect for the narrator.”

At the same time as these final touches were being made, the city of Leicester was thrust into the international spotlight.

R43 Pounds_1od concludes: “We set out to tell a story about an everyman from an unknown, unfashionable place. But just as we’re finishing it, this fairytale happens and everyone’s talking about Leicester.”

From Leicester to Hollywood has been described as a “love letter to independent cinema.”

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